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I moved over to here from LJ, although I'm keeping my reading list at LJ because that's the only place to find some people I'd otherwise miss. (Miss as in loneliness rather than as overlooking.)

Am still working on recovery from two car accidents in three weeks, which was over three years ago and was just too many slams to the brain, so I have post concussion syndrome. I am back at work mostly full time (I take three day weekends every other week to recover better) and doing good work, just a bit slower than I used to. Still almost no social life, little cooking, little to no cleaning, so thank heavens I have a roommate who runs errands, drives when I'm too blasted, and cooks plain fare at least. Spoon theory. I need more "spoons". (You know Spoon Theory? )
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Still here, still kicking. Working on downsizing so it's easier to fit into a 1-2 bedroom apartment in a bit over a year. It takes a while. So far I've taken one book out of the Get Rid Of boxes, that I realized I did want to keep. There's another that I keep dithering over because it's the Lloyd Alexander books in one volume and everyone recommends it but I can't remember if I've read it since high school. Turns out SF Book Club editions do hold up fairly well, by the way. Some of mine are from 1971 and still look great. Which didn't use to feel like a long time ago, but the Home Reno shows keep referring to the '80s as Very Very Outdated.

We'll see. 
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It makes it easy(er) to decide whether to buy something when you ask yourself: is this worth moving?

I've been in this house for 21 years or so, shared with another family, and now that the kids are all moved out (two have stuff although not themselves there) I've decided to chase my own dream of an apartment closer to downtown. That gives my roommate and I two years (we'll list the house in April of 2015 if things go as planned) to downsize and make plans. He'll be moving further out, and I'm moving closer in: our current house was the comprise between how civilized his family wanted to get and how suburban I could stand. And there's upkeep and maintenance that we can't afford, like replacing window coverings, and restoring a retaining wall and putting on a new roof in another seven years or so and painting and all that stuff. We're way behind on what most people consider "normal maintenance and decorating."

So I'm going to be selling off my first editions, getting rid of books I don't expect I'll get around to reading (They keep coming out with new books, and I can't keep up as it is) and downsizing to a one bedroom apartment. I'm excited. I have a neighborhood in mind and a particular building if possible (it's co-housing and openings don't come up often, but I have my fingers crossed). It's close to a great library and restaurants I can walk to and it's easy to get to work on a single bus so I can listen to podcasts and recorded books. Things will change. It's going to be stressful, to change so much after this long, but it'll be somewhat the life I dreamed of as a teen: friends, enough income to visit restaurants and attend concerts, and a quiet life behind a door when I want to introvert. And write.
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Things I've discovered: you have to know your character before even writing by the seat of your pants can work; knowing your lead character is harder than it looks; we're still arguing over her name because what she wants wasn't in usage until long after the story takes place, by about 400 years, so maybe she's from a different story or I'm taking the easy way out in telling this story and she's trying to fix that.

Otherwise things continue as normal, for the new kidless normal.
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Since LJ isn't going anywhere in the near future, unlike Google Reader (glyph of tech frustration), I'm going to be here more now. (Aren't you'all just THRILLED?!)

Quick life update: no kids are living in my house full-time, although two still use it for their permanent address and visit periodically. I'm finally writing regularly and am working on a novel: a fairy tale What Next. (Yes, those two facts are closely related. And no, I'm not suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome. The Kids have Launched. I'm happy for them and for me.) Everything else going well.

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