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galeni ([personal profile] galeni) wrote2017-01-12 11:49 am
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Recovering slowly

I moved over to here from LJ, although I'm keeping my reading list at LJ because that's the only place to find some people I'd otherwise miss. (Miss as in loneliness rather than as overlooking.)

Am still working on recovery from two car accidents in three weeks, which was over three years ago and was just too many slams to the brain, so I have post concussion syndrome. I am back at work mostly full time (I take three day weekends every other week to recover better) and doing good work, just a bit slower than I used to. Still almost no social life, little cooking, little to no cleaning, so thank heavens I have a roommate who runs errands, drives when I'm too blasted, and cooks plain fare at least. Spoon theory. I need more "spoons". (You know Spoon Theory? )