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Since LJ isn't going anywhere in the near future, unlike Google Reader (glyph of tech frustration), I'm going to be here more now. (Aren't you'all just THRILLED?!)

Quick life update: no kids are living in my house full-time, although two still use it for their permanent address and visit periodically. I'm finally writing regularly and am working on a novel: a fairy tale What Next. (Yes, those two facts are closely related. And no, I'm not suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome. The Kids have Launched. I'm happy for them and for me.) Everything else going well.

(lurk mode off)

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Good to see your phosphors again!

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Thank you!

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I'm thrilled.

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Oh, good. I read that you're being fed magnificently. And taken care of by cats.

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Delighted to see the lurk mode off. No kids at home? Writing more? Soumds like goals achieved